Baked Tuna Meatballs Recipe For Easter Day 2024

Tuna meatballs baked in the oven are a healthy take on meatballs. On top of that, they're paleo, low-carb, and keto-friendly.  


– 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 medium onion, finely diced 2 cups baby spinach, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 3 5-ounce cans tuna, or one pound cooked tuna 1/4 cup almond flour 2 beaten egg 1 tablespoon mayonnaise 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 2 tablespoon chopped fresh dill, chopped salt and pepper, to taste

Set the pan on medium heat and add the oil. Cut up the onion and garlic and add them to the pan. Sauté for one minute.   

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After that, add the baby spinach that has been chopped and cook for another minute or two, until the spinach is soft.  

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Put the spinach and onion mix in a bowl and let it cool down. To make this go faster, put the bowl in the fridge.  

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Heat your oven to 400°F. Remove the tuna from the cans and mix it with the cooled veggies, almond flour, eggs, mayonnaise, lemon juice, parsley, dill, salt, and pepper.  

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Serve the cheese ball right away with crackers or vegetable slices, or put it in the fridge until you're ready to eat it.   

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Dig in with your hands and break up any big chunks of tuna as you mix it all together. It will be easier for the blend to stick together if you chop it up.  

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To get equal-sized scoops of the batter, use a medium cookie scoop.   

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Shape this into a ball with your fingertips and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake tuna meatballs for 20–25 minutes until lightly browned.  

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