Chicken And Rice Taco Skillet Recipe

This Chicken and Rice Taco Skillet is a weekday staple in my family and will be in yours! One skillet, so much flavor—what more could you want?


for the chicken: – 2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thigh – 1 teaspoon kosher salt – 2 tablespoons taco seasoning – 3 tablespoons avocado oil for the rice and veggies: – 1 small red bell pepper, thinly sliced – 1 small green bell pepper, thinly sliced – ½ yellow onion, thinly sliced – 2 garlic cloves, minced – 1 cup white jasmine rice, rised well and drained –¼ teaspoon kosher salt


– 1 tablespoon taco seasoning – Zest of ½ lime – 2 tablespoons lime juice – 1 ½ cups chicken broth – ¼ cup finely chopped cilantro leaves, plus more for garnish optional for serving: – Guacamole – Sour cream (omit to keep dairy-free) – Corn tortilla chip – Sliced jalapeno


Pre-heat the oven to 350℉. cook chicken:- Pat dry and trim chicken thighs of fat. Sprinkle salt and taco seasoning on both sides of the chicken.

Step 1

Heat oil in a large oven-safe skillet on medium-high. After heating, place the chicken in a single layer (in batches) and cook for 3 minutes per side until golden brown.

Step 2

 Transfer to a clean plate and reserve. Chicken does not need to be entirely done because it will finish cooking in the oven.

Step 3

Start rice:- Reduce heat to medium and add bell pepper, onion, and garlic. Stir veggies for 4 minutes to tenderize.

Step 4

Stir in the rice, salt, and taco seasoning and toast for 2 more minutes until fragrant and lightly browned.

Step 5

Stir in broth, lime zest, juice, and cilantro leaves. Simmer. Put the chicken back in the skillet. Cover the skillet, carefully place in oven, and bake 25 minutes.

Step 6

Carefully uncover the skillet and bake for 8–10 more minutes to tenderize the rice and cook the chicken. Fork-fluff the rice after baking. Add more cilantro.

Step 7

serve and enjoy:- Serve chicken and rice on plates with garnishes. I add sliced jalapeno, guacamole, sour cream, and corn tortilla chips for scooping and crunch!

Step 8

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