Orange Glazed Salmon Recipe For Easter Day 2024

Make orange-glazed salmon in less than 30 minutes. It tastes sweet and sour and is good for you.  The best meal for a weeknight!


– 2 tablespoons avocado oil 4 (6-ounce) salmon filets, (Alaskan Sockeye or Coho) 1 orange, juiced 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons tamari 1 teaspoon thyme, finely chopped salt and pepper, to taste 1/2 teaspoon arrowroot flour 1 teaspoon water

Use a paper towel to dry the fish, then season it with salt and pepper.  

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Take a pan and set it over medium-high heat. After you add the fish, cook for three to four minutes on each side.

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Add the arrowroot powder to the water and stir it together. Do this while the salmon is cooking. Put away. 

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Move the fish to a plate after it's done cooking. Lower the heat to medium-low and cook the garlic for 30 seconds. 

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Blend the arrowroot with the honey, tamari, thyme, and orange juice. Mix the ingredients with a whisk for one to two minutes, or until the mixture gets a little thicker.

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Place the fish back into the pan, and then pour the glaze over the top of it. Deliver. 

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