Patrick J. Adams Reveals His Thoughts on a Suits Spinoff With Meghan Markle 

Patrick J. Adams expressed eagerness to reunite with former Suits co-star Meghan Markle, stating her talent makes her a fantastic actress. 

In an exclusive interview with E! News at the 2024 Golden Globes, Adams revealed his enthusiasm for a potential spinoff,  

suggesting a return of their characters, Mike and Rachel, in Seattle. 

The actor embraced the show's resurgence and newfound popularity, acknowledging the honor of Suits gaining a second life.  

Adams expressed his astonishment at the series' continued success and the joy of discovering a new generation of fans who love it even more than the original audience did. 

Adams acknowledges the unique appeal of working with Markle again, making it an enticing prospect. 

The possibility of revisiting their roles in a new context seems to resonate positively with Adams.  

Overall, his remarks reflect a genuine interest and openness to the concept of a Suits spinoff featuring Meghan Markle. 

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