Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

The best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies! After 15 attempts and many failures, they are here, and I cannot wait for you to make them.  


wet: – 2 tsp pure vanilla extract – 1 large egg room temperature – ½ cup coconut sugar – ¼ cup liquid coconut oil can also sub avocado oil – ¼ cup maple syrup dry: – ½ tsp ground cinnamon – 1 ½ cups super-fine almond flour (from blanched almonds) *I use Bob's Red Mill – 3/4 cup tapioca flour *I use Bob's Red Mill – ½ tsp baking soda – ¼ tsp kosher salt – 1 1/2 cup chocolate chips use dairy-free dark chocolate to keep paleo, I also like to use a mixture of mini chocolate chips and regular sized! – Maldon salt optional for topping


Mix vanilla extract, egg, coconut sugar, coconut oil, and maple syrup in a large bowl. Mix thoroughly.

Step 1

Mix in cinnamon, almond flour, tapioca, baking soda, and kosher salt. Mix with a rubber spatula until smooth. Mix in chocolate chips.

Step 2

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, ideally 2 (I know it's hard to wait, but it helps the flavors heal and the grain-free dough thicken/harden, making it tasty and simple to work with!)

Step 3

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350°F and line a large baking sheet with parchment. When dough is ready, scoop 1–1.5 tablespoons onto prepared baking sheet(s) at least 2 inches apart.  

Step 4

Paleo dough is harder to work with, so use a cookie scoop. Damp hands work best for shaping balls without a cookie scoop!

Step 5

Bake the cookies for 8 minutes until the edges are golden brown and the centers are soft. Do not overbake cookies—they will be hard!

Step 6

Serve the cookies after they cool completely on the baking pans.

Step 7

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