The Canned Meats You Should Get At The Store Every Time 

Go big or ham. A 5-pound canned ham can feed multiple people, unlike most other canned meats, which are 4 or 12 ounces. You can also use smaller cans if you're not cooking for a family. 


Those unfamiliar with corned beef may wonder. Corn and beef? Corned beef is salt-water-preserved beef. Corned beef has been around for centuries, but the 1663 and 1667 Cattle Acts popularized it in Ireland.

Corned beef

Did you ever buy a rotisserie chicken and not finish it before it went bad? You have company. Instead, try canned chicken. Perfect for making something for yourself or serving a little chicken.


Spruce up your pantry with Spam flavors without taking up much space. After its 1937 introduction, Spam became popular during World War II when Allied troops ate over 100 million pounds. Over 9 billion cans sold. 


Canned turkey is a pantry staple for its convenience. Integrate it like chopped turkey. Turkey comes in white, dark, oven-roasted, and others. Recipes should account for chunky canned goods.


Now, comfort food is easier.Many varieties of canned beef make easy dinners, stews, casseroles, sandwiches, and more. Try canned ground beef, chunks, diced beef, roast beef, etc. 

Beef chunks

You and your pantry will love canned ground beef. No need to thaw or cook frozen food before going bad. Canned foods save money by not being wasted. No need to throw out old, grey, suspicious meat from the fridge. 

Ground beef

Who dislikes meatballs? No more groaning. Spice and hand-mash raw meat. Make and cook balls. Canned meatballs eliminate that step. The need for canned meatballs: The longer shelf life of canned goods may help raw meat texture. 


The origin of haggis is unknown, but it's old. Scottish savory pudding haggis may contain liver, heart, lungs, minced meat, suet, oatmeal, and spices. Each recipe looks different. Many meat-based haggis are canned. 


Taste elk. Elk tastes like beef but is leaner and gameier. Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt elk, deer. Elk—wild game—can be used like deer, bison, or rabbit. This is a good pantry addition for experimenting.


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